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Tender Notice- BidDocument
  1. Bidding Document for Contract No-KUKL/WW/EG-01: Supply of Sewer Cleaning Equipment

  2. Re- Bidding Document (Part I, II, III and Drawing) ADB Loan No: 3255 NEP Contract No: KUKL/SCADA/01 - Management of the New Water Network of Kathmandu Valley using Valves Actuated with SCADA

  3. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) - Consulting services for Engineering Survey and Design of Supply Mains and Distribution Networks at Different Locations of Kathmandu Valley (DC-01)

  4. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQG) Contract No- KUKL/G/03-24/Lot A: Supply, Delivery, Installation and commissioning of UHF Band Two way Radio.


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