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Contractor directed to speed up construction of wastewater treatment plants

A high-level meeting on Project Performance and Issues regarding the Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Sallaghari, Kodku/Balkumari, and Dhobighat was held between the Project Implementation Directorate/KUKL, Design Supervision Consultant (DSC-06) and the contractor Safbon Water Service (Holdings) Shanghai, China on May 24, 2019 at Kathmandu. The meeting focused on the low progress of the contract and the ways for expediting the progress.

At the meeting, the Consultants and Contractor's representatives briefed about the status of construction of the WWTPs and the issues to be discussed and resolved.

PID's Project Director Tiresh Prasad Khatri and Project Manager Surat Kumar Bam highlighted the objectives of the meeting requiring immediate attention and action by the contractor to speed up the pace of the construction works. The PD expressed serious concern for the low progress and advised the contractor to mobilize additional resources in order to complete the construction of WWTPs within the stipulated period. The contractor was also directed to improve the status of compliance of occupational health and safety standards as well as prepare site-specific environment management plans.

Project Officer Ms Vivian Castro-Wooldridge from Asian Development Bank participated in the meeting and expressed ADB’s concern for the slow progress and less disbursement.

The Representative from Contractor, Vice President, Ms Chen Lei expressed the commitment on-behalf of Safbon Water Service (Holdings) Shanghai to mobilize additional resources and complete the works.

The meeting concluded with the agreed action plan to be followed by all the parties.


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