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17 November 2016. The Development Committee Members of the Legislature-Parliament (LP) have expressed satisfaction over the progress of much-awaited Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

The Committee has expressed this view after the observation visit of several construction sites being implemented by Project Implementation Directorate-PID/KUKL in an attempt to improve the existing distribution system within Kathmandu Valley.

The team led by President of Development Committee Mr. RabindraAdhikari visited Bulk Distribution System (BDS), Distribution Network Improvement (DNI), Service Reservoir Tanks (SRT) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and discussed about the progress of these systems and obtained the information about challenges and obstacles encountered by the project team.

The observation visit kicked off with project briefing at Committee Secretariat, Singha Durbar. During briefing session, Mr. Anil Bhadra Khanal, Deputy Project Director of PID presented the latest progress and informed the parliament members about the most difficult road sections where the supply network need to be established to supply the Melamchi water in Valley. Chabahil-Gaushala, Maharajgunj-Lagimpat-Tripureswor, Baneswor-Maitighar are some of the busy road sections where pipe laying works need to be carried out. Mr. Khanal also informed that PID has been working at night time also to minimize the disturbance caused by the pipe line work and has been working sincerely to reinstate the road as soon as possible.

Following short briefing, the team visited Tundikhel BDS site (Army compound) and observed the ongoing works. Similarly, the team observed DNI works at Kupandol and Shantinagar and obtained the information of progress and challenges. The team also observed the SRT at Khulamtar, Lalitpur which is designed to supply the water for Lalitpur and Koteswor area. The SRT has 9.5 million/l storage capacity which is almost completed. The team also observed BDS sites at TIA and Tilganga area and discussed with project team and contractors about progress.

The Parliament Members also inspected the WTP and Tunnel at Sundarijal, was briefed by Mr. Rama Kanta Dawadi, Deputy Executive Director of Melamchi Water Development Board. Mr. Dawadi informed the MPs that the construction of WTP with the capacity of 85m/l is almost completed. ''We have already completed 95% of the work of WTP and the remaining works will be completed before the completion of tunnel," he said.

Mr. Divas Shrestha, Resident Engineer of the Melamchi Project informed about the progress of tunnel on the occasion. Out of 27.7 km tunnel works, the project has completed the construction of 21.24km.

Following observation, President of Development Committee of LP, Mr. Rabindra Adhikari expressed his satisfaction over the progress made by PID for distribution system. "This is long awaited priority project which is most essential for the water supply in Valley, so we would like to encourage you to complete it as early as possible" Said Mr. Adhikari. He also made commitment with project team that the committee is ready to facilitate the problems, if any. He also announced that the committee in coming days will issue directives to the concern government ministry to award the contractors, if they complete the assignment before the stipulated time.

Project Director of PID Mr. Tiresh Prasad Khatri gave vote of thanks to the parliamentarians for their support and encouraging presence in the visit. "We have been working with strong commitment to supply water to the households in scientific and proportional manner. However there are many obstacles in establishing new supply network" he further said. "We are confident that we could manage the water coming from Melamchi project after 11 months for which we have been mobilizing our team round the clock".


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