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ADB NRM acknowledges KVWSIP's performance


Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nepal Resident Mission has acknowledged the performance of the project implemented by Project Implementation Directorate/Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (PID/KUKL). In a written letter to Finance Secretary Mr. Shanta Raj Subedi dated 12 January 2017, ADB mission stated that, "We would like to thank project directors/managers, relevant department and ministries for their strong leadership to address project implementation issues and enhance overall portfolio performance. We also recognize outstanding performance with dynamic and capable leadership, especially, in Melamchi Water Supply Project and Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project (KVWSIP)."

PID/KUKL has fully mobilized its strength to accomplish the activities designed under project KVWSIP that aims to install new distribution network within Kathmandu Valley for the proportional distribution of water comes from Melamchi Drinking Water Project. Currently, the project is working in more than 40 sites of Kathmandu Valley where more than 1200 workers and technical/social staffs are mobilized round the clock.

The acknowledgement made by ADB NRM has enhanced the moral of entire dedicated team members of PID/KUKL including all especially consultants, contractors for their untiring efforts. Similarly, PID/KUKL expresses sincere thanks to all community people, TLO members, Utility Operators and media people who have provided valuable comments, feedbacks and supports in implementation of the project activities. We are expecting continuous support and cooperation from the stakeholders in coming days to accomplish our given responsibility. We believe, this acknowledgement will inspire each members of the team to work hard in coming days for the completion of large scale project like Melamchi Sub-project 2.


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